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EULab 2021 launches its photo contest!

EULab 2021 launches its photo contest!

The organisers of EULab are pleased to launch its first photo contest on Labour Migration!

Photography is a powerful and universal means of communication and the contest aims at sharing the participants’ different perspectives of the challenges faced by third county nationals, and especially by labour migrants, living in the European Union. The contest allows attendees to share their personal views and to express their own perceptions as a way to nurture the debate on issues related to labour migration. Therefore, the organisers of EULab will invite all participants to take photos featuring the topics of the 2021 Summer School on Labour Migration in the European Union.

EULab 2021 will host a photographic workshop in order to provide participants with further details on the photo contest and to introduce them to basic photographic techniques. Participants will be hence invited to submit their photos, which will be shared with other attendees.

A roundtable will take place to discuss the results of the photo contest. Participants will be invited to clarify the significance and the intent behind their own photos and to comment upon other attendees’ photos. Sharing of views and opinions will be coordinated by chairpersons, who will also provide preliminary remarks before the beginning of the roundtable.

Further details will be provided in due time.

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