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University of Naples Federico II is the oldest secular university in Europe. It currently enrols nearly 86.000 students and its academic staff amounts to more than 2.500 units. It is divided in three schools and made up of 26 Departments spread around Naples and surrounding cities.

The EULab Summer School is based at the Law Department, which is part of the School of Human and Social Sciences. The Department offers a five-years Law course that combines undergraduate and postgraduate level. International law and European Union law are both compulsory exams for students enrolled in the Law course. The course also allows students to attend optional seminars on these fields and to choose among various topics pertaining to EU law and international law for their exams – including EU labour law, European law of cultural heritage, substantive law of the European Union, European and international criminal law as well as EU procedural law.

The Law Department also offers three Doctoral Programmes and currently hosts 45 PhD students.

In 2015, the Law Department of the University of Naples Federico II has signed a collaboration agreement with the Institute for Research on Innovation and Services for Development of the National Research Council of Italy (CRN – IRISS).

The EULab Summer School is organised with the assistance of ELSA Napoli.

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